Our future


Making Palm Bay a one of a kind city.

  Years of neglect and failure to address infrastructure have the city with backlog of needed repairs and worn out streets. Instead of focusing on what wasn’t done he is focused fixing what he knows needs to be done. 

  Teaming with frustrated residents and community problems solvers he was able to put together the 2018 bond referendum to address all Palm Bay’s failing roadways. 

  Seeing a need for transparency he voted to open the solid waste and recycling contract to an open bid process. 

  Brian created the sustainability board of Palm Bay to ensure our future generations will have a vibrant and healthy city for many centuries to come. 

  Over the last three years Palm Bay has seen tremendous growth in both our small business and big businesses. 

  Hundreds of small business have opened up as we have update are sites and process to making opening a small business easy as possible. 

  Big businesses continue to choice Palm Bay which is home to L3Harris and it’s 150 million headquarters and will add at least a thousand  jobs to this facility.

  Major military contractor Raytheon has relocated to Palm Bay with 200 high paying jobs and is looking to double its workforce moving into the future. 

  Far chemical has been located in the city for three decades and is looking at double its workforce. 

  With new and expanding businesses new residents will places to call home and we are experience a boom in non-homesteaded properties along our water front along with the apartments comes with a commercial component bringing much needed revenue. 

  Florida Tech’s CAMID facility located in Palm Bay is bringing high tech to another level with it manufacturing capabilities including state of the art three dimensional printing and vr room equipped with a holographic table.